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ZTips is a decentralised global platform that facilitates anonymous Crime Reporting between information seekers and information providers everywhere. It paves the way for a vast, interconnected crime solving and crime deterrent framework. Law enforcement agencies and tipsters interact on a zero knowledge proof platform by exchanging tips, reporting crimes and earning rewards.


No more waiting for superheroes to save the day. Be your own superhero with ZTips, revolutionizing crime reporting everywhere.


World's First Zapp

ZTips will be the first of its kind to deploy Zapp, Ethereum decentralized applications (dapps) that use privacy tech built on the zero knowldge proofs.

zTips Accelarating crime solving
Accelarate crime solving rate

Law enforcement agencies bound by deadlines are compelled to act and respond swiftly to the tips. Failure of meeting deadlines will result in information being disclosed to the public.

ztips Complete Privacy with zkSNARKS and IPFS
Complete privacy with zero knowledge proofs and Secure Distributed File System

ZTips enables users to experience full anonymity, safeguarding everything from identity and information to cryptocurrency tokens.

ztips Autonomous Ensured Rewards
Autonomous Ensured Rewards

The platform is designed to ensure that information providers receive their promised rewards for worthy tips. This is accomplished by the use of decentralized autonomous Smart Contracts technology where the terms are stored until fulfillment.

ztips Globally Accessible
Globally Accessible

Based on Distributed Ledger technology, ZTips provides a platform which can be accessed from anywhere on the globe and can connect to any anyone too.

ztips Spam Proof
Spam Proof

ZTips will take adequate measures and precautions to promote information credibility and integrity on the platform. For instance, to prevent misuse users will have to pay some tokens as a charge during the process of offering tips.


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ZTips will collaborate with various organisations such as crime investigation agencies, financial institutions and media sources among others to establish a high functioning global crime reporting platform. We are already on our way to building strong, long lasting partnerships with multiple organisations. Institutions like Legal structures and Crime investigation agencies can act as information seekers to reach a larger, more inclined audience through us. At the same time, anyone can offer information anonymously, even you.



Q3 2017

Birth of ZTips

: Origin of the core idea that holds the potential to transform crime reporting.
Q4 2017

Discovery Phase

: Initial Research
: White Paper
Q1 2018

The Beginning

: MVP development of Crime Reporting commences
Q2 2018

Research Period

: Project Shout-out and Web Launch

: Proof of Concept/Testing diverse scenarios
: Research to diversify and evolve reporting formats

: Partnerships with organizations and institutions commence
: Prototype ready for crime reporting

Q3 2018

Pre-Development Phase

: Diversifying the scope of project from crime reporting to multiple usecases of anonymous tip reporting

: MVP of Human Trafficking and Sexual Harassment commences

: Whitepaper V2.0 to be launched with the core idea of anonymity along with multiple use cases
Q4 2018

Development Phase

: An initial draft of Public Directory constituting ZTips’ partnerships with different organisations is constructed
: Growth ladder will involve expansion by targeting one country after another

: α Platform Launch
: Design Process of Tip Reporting Formats
: Standardisation of platform for use in every nation
Q1 2019

Product Testing Phase

: Evaluation of Beta Platform with all possible test scenarios

: Beta version launched on Testnet(Internal)

Mar 19
: Launch of Application wallet with anonymous chat and anonymous transactions feature

Q2 2019

Testnet Launch

: Security Audit of Beta Version

: Public Launch on Testnet

: Functional partnerships with financial institutions and public-private agencies

Our Team

Opinder Preet Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Larry C. Bates

Head of Security Infrastructure

Prof. Vipin Rathi

Lead Blockhain Architect

Bhavik Grover

Head of Product Design

Austin B. Hensen

Combatting Human Trafficking Expert

Charles Cooper Jr.

Head of Business Development

Anshul Dhir

Head of Strategy & Finance

Kapil Gulati

Head of Operations

Dmitry Tkachenko

Head Of Community Management

Viktoriya Sugonyako

Client Relation Manager

Advisory Board

Sunil Aggarwal

Blockchain Advisor

Lior Zaks

Criminal Law Advisor

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Dubai Blockchain Conf. 2018
Dubai Blockchain Conf. 2018
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